Karstedt Partners has purposefully positioned itself at the very forefront of technology development and its subsequent adaptation into the packaging graphic supply chain. Over the past 20 years they have ridden the waves of digital technologies from the early days of digital workflows, to digital proofing in the 1990s through Computer-to-Plate in the early part of this century and onto Digital Printing today…not to forget other innovations including RFID, Track & Trace, Brand Security, and just plain Process Improvement. Karstedt Partners has worked on the cutting and bleeding edge of technology development and implementation and brings an enormous level of understanding and industry connections to their clients.

Company founder and CEO, Kevin Karstedt has been a sought after speaker on digital workflows and Digital Printing for many years. Kevin has been asked to speak on four continents and has presented to 1000s of people at venues large and small. He has been in 100s of plants, spoken to 1000s of innovators, and signed and initiated 100s of Non Disclosure Agreements. It has been said about Karstedt Partners that they know more about “what’s ‘cookin’ in the kitchen” at technology developers than the patent office.

Building on a corporate reputation of being both visionary and pragmatic, Karstedt Partners offers insightful and actionable guidance to companies looking to; use existing technologies in innovative ways, build new processes or solutions and bring them to market, validate business and technology prospects.

Since 1996 Karstedt Partners, LLC has been a trusted source for insights, innovations, and consulting services to constituents in all sectors of the consumer products and packaging supply chain. Brand Owners, Graphic Service Providers, Package Printers, and OEMs have counted on Karstedt Partners counsel and guidance with developing efficient and effective workflows and tools aimed at improving time-to-market and product quality.

Through direct client involvement and through numerous industry and association research projects, the insights and recommendations of Karstedt Partners has directly or indirectly impacted many in the industry by providing unbiased analysis and assessments of the ever changing landscape of digital package printing.

“Especially in these challenging times, we are proud to be in a position to help companies move forward with R&D, Process Improvement, Relationship Development, and Expansion plans that will positively effect their businesses.”

— Kevin Karstedt, CEO

Jeff Wettersten


Jeff is President of Karstedt Partners, and has an extensive background in identifying, developing, and securing growth strategies across a variety of industries including electrical equipment, metal processing, packaging, and printing equipment.

Kevin Karstedt


Kevin Karstedt, CEO of Karstedt Partners LLC, began his career in the “digital” world of packaging in the mid 1980s.