This report provides those companies developing products and services to the Narrow Web Label Printer/Converter with the necessary information and tools they need to evaluate the emerging market for digital printing of labels. Commercialization Assessments are significantly different than “traditional” marketing evaluations in that they are written from the perspective of a report on the effectiveness of the technology concept, and provide valuable inputs related to the technology, the technology positioning in the market, where and how the technology might be used, reception of the technology by prospective users, and a model discussing how the technology might progress from entry into mainstream use. This report is written specifically with the OEM in mind and offers insights to the Label printing markets that are not found in conventional reports.


This report cost $7,500 and comes with the iVAT (investment Value Assessment Tool) tool developed for the Narrow Web Label Converter Report. We also offer a 90-minute GoToMeeting review of the report and assist customers to understand our perspective and evaluate market entry options. We encourage you to download the Report Summary and begin your dialog with us. Please contact us with any further questions at