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WTT: Mega Trends in Packaging – The Digital Age

The digital age is changing our world. Forces driving the change are: people, information and technology.

In our report; Is Digital Printing Part of Your Brand or Operational Strategy? We describe how technological advances with the Web, computers, mobile phones and tablets enable billions of people to connect all over the world, including a burgeoning number of consumers in emerging markets. And this worldwide connectivity has led to continued growth in methods of electronic information exchange. We now live in the social media world of Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, tweets, Skype and streaming video, all feeding into daily tidal waves of information. We receive news and information right in the palm of our hands in near real time.


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WTT: WhatTheyThink Kicks Off Special Labels & Packaging Section

Welcome to the inaugural post for WhatTheyThink’s Labels & Packaging website. The folks at WTT and I have been speaking for quite some time on the need a version of WTT that focused on the needs of those in the packaging supply chain. I am honored to be the Managing Editor of this new endeavor and will strive to bring meaningful and timely content to those in the packaging supply chain who are looking for information and intelligence in order to do their jobs better.

As the supply chain for packaging is extremely divers, we will try to address the needs of multiple disciplines from graphic design, structural design, prepress, workflow, product and project management and printing and finishing of all flavors. This is a good time to begin this effort, coming out of a drupa year there are many new products and services that are targeting the package printing marketplace, products and services that are in need of exploring and understanding. Through out this inaugural year of WTTL&P (how is that for a twitter hashtag #WTTL&P?) we will grow the content areas of the site as the needs of the readership direct. Starting with areas around design, prepress and workflow we will expand out to areas asked for by you the readers. These areas could include flexo, gravure, offset, digital and screen printing; finishing in cartons and flexible packaging; color management, in the pressroom and back to design; substrate manufacture and usage to name just a few.

In addition to the mechanical part of the packaging supply chain, WTT has done a good job in addressing business issues facing printers and suppliers and that will continue on the Packaging side of the site. Mergers and acquisitions in packaging have been increasing for the past few years and with all likelihood will continue in 2013 and beyond.

Readership will likely be a combination of users and suppliers with each group having different agendas and needs. This medium is unique and is well suited to the goals of both groups as each is hungry to reach and learn from the other. WTTL&P will be a conduit for that linkage and will strive to bring meaningful content to the readership.

A mainstay of the WTT model is a comprehensive news feed section on relevant topics to their readership. This will continue on the Packaging side bringing readers news that is compiled daily to bring the latest news and information in one place. To all the vendors and businesses in the audience, be sure to send your press releases to news@whattheythink.com in text or word format to be sure it is included on the daily news feed. I will be funneling worthy information to the site as well. Users and business owners, be sure to check the site regularly to be close to the news that affects you and your business.

This article was originally published on WhatTheyThink.com:


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WTT: WhatTheyThink Labels & Packaging: An Interview with Randy Davidson

I thought it appropriate for the first post to WhatTheyThink Labels & Packaging to be an interview with the founder of WhatTheyThink.com, Randy Davidson to get his thoughts on the new venture. So on a snowy Saturday morning with a fresh cup of coffee in front of me, Randy and I had a chat.

WhatTheyThink was started in 2000 in the dot com boom times. At that time the way most executives got their information was monthly when the trade publications came out and made it to their desks. Randy recalls, “We wanted to create an information tool that got critical information to executives on a daily basis rather than monthly, and the industry responded very favorably.” Being born in the “information age” WTT carved a niche that now includes over 30,000 subscribers around the world and the site gets millions of page views every year. “Our niche is to reach the executives in the boardrooms giving them analysis and economic news from some of the best minds in the industry” says Randy, “we are focused on providing business information to executives and let the traditional media focus on technical news where they are really good.”

It didn’t take long for my questions to shift to the new Labels & Packaging initiative and when I asked about that Randy reminded me of work I had done for WhatTheyThink in 2007 helping their executive team understand the packaging marketplace. “You gave us a great deal to think about back then but the timing was not right for us. Since that time many in our existing community have asked us to expand to the packaging world and now is the right time for us to launch a rigorous effort into Labels and Packaging.”  That lead me to ask a very selfish question, “So how did you come to ask Karstedt Partners to be the face of your packaging effort?” The answer Randy gave brought a smile to my face as I wrote it down, he said “Kevin, as we worked through the decision we asked around the industry and almost in harmony those we asked said that Karstedt Partners were the guys to do this with.” Then he listed off some of those that are part of their editorial stable including Dr. Joe Webb, Frank Romano, Cary Sherburne, Andrew Tribute and others and I felt honored to be included in their company. He concluded, “We need to create an environment that benefits our readers, sponsors and partners. To do that we need to build an ‘all star team’ and we feel Karstedt Partners is the best group to lead that team.”

The vision Randy outlined for WhatTheyThink Labels & Packaging “is to create a thriving and important read for those looking to make money in the sector. This will include daily news, videos, expert analysis from ‘Kevin and friends’ and a weekly newsletter digest that will go to WTT Label & Packaging subscribers.” Randy summed up the interview by saying, “Kevin, we have a solid business model, a great technical infrastructure and an industry that needs what we can deliver. How much better could it be?”

Moving forward readers of WhatTheyThink Labels & Packaging can expect a daily dose of usable information all geared to help them make money in packaging. I invite you to contact me (kevin@karstedt.com) with topics you would like to see covered and encourage you to offer feedback on the site.

This article was originally published on WhatTheyThink.com:


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